Our Mission

Successful brands create awesome products. They create jobs, drive progress, and serve as the backbone of most economies. As a company, we admire successful brands and want them to be more in number. We want to share in their success.

Nowadays, almost every company or brand success story has a technical dimension - an underlying technical success story of its own.

We see it as our company's Mission to create such a technical success story for any company or brand that entrusts us with its future and thus enable It to succeed.

The way we can make this happen can be described as follows:

Solving your technological challenges with a dedicated, product-oriented team, giving you the time to focus on your core business.

This means that we:

Take ownership of your technical needs and problems. Stay in charge of the technical realm of your business over the long haul.

Consider each new step in your project’s success as a milestone in SPD Group’s growth – we grow as our clients do.

Invest 17 years of experience in hand-picking a team that can really pull your business plans off technically. Enhance this team’s creative and productive capacity over time.

Give your business the technical muscle and eminence to grow and succeed. Free up your time and resources to let you focus on and improve the rest.

A Team of Achievers

with a shared vision for success

Established in 2006, SPD Group is an award-winning UK-headquartered Custom Software Development and IT Consulting company with R&D offices in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and the cities of Cherkassy (Central Ukraine) and Lviv (Western Ukraine).

We employ a total 500+ highly qualified IT experts and cater for world-renowned businesses and budding startups in the eCommerce, Fintech, LegalTech, Investment, Entertainment, Insurance, eLearning, Logistics, and other industries. Our primary specialty is developing complex, large-scale, multi-user and high-load applications with diverse functionality.

SPD Group’s formative traits include the abilities to optimally solve big-time technical challenges, efficiently manage large-scale software development efforts, and seamlessly integrate with the client’s business for better performance through tailored, long-term partnerships. Perhaps, our most distinctive strength as a custom software provider is our remarkable Product Development expertise that allows us to help shape or further improve even highly sophisticated software products.

Over the 16 years we have been in the business of custom software development, we have managed to achieve a lot. We have won multiple prestigious awards, made multiple clients among world-known brands, and forged multiple long-term client relationships.

We work every day to achieve more and help more businesses worldwide make their business plans a reality.

You can trust us

the numbers say it all


Years in the business of Custom Software Development


Is our average client NPS score
(out of 10)


Major clients with more than $100M in annual revenue


Of our clients were acquired for a total of more than $500M

Our Values

Clarity and integrity, excellence, a passion for what we do, commitment toward clients and employees, humanity

Integrity and Clarity

With clarity, integrity, and openness, we operate in a culture that values and respects them, enhancing transparency and accountability


We always learn from past experiences and do our best to ensure constant improvement. We aim for the highest quality in everything: communication, сlient interactions, service

A Passion for What We Do

With passion comes energy and with energy comes drive. With drive, anyone can believe in himself or herself and achieve everything


We believe that our commitment to our employees results in their commitment toward our clients and higher productivity. We know that if we deliver value, success will come


We support and care for each other and our clients serve as the building blocks of our culture. We respect diversity and cultivating a welcoming & friendly atmosphere

Our traditions

SPD Awards

Annually, at the end of the year, we choose the brightest Ambassadors of our company values

Color Week

One week. One color. Color Week is one of the ways to show our team integrity

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing is caring. We have Knowledge Sharing Day, SPD Talks, Tech Communities Meetups


The driving force behind our success

Bogdan Khalyapin

Bogdan Khalyapin

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Alex Sadovsky

Alex Sadovsky

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Alexander Khomich

Alexander Khomich

Lead Delivery Manager

Alexey Panichenko

Alexey Panichenko

Head of Delivery

Alexey Panichenko

Nataliia Kulykova

Chief Financial Officer

Our 10 Key Target Industries

LegalTech Solutions Development


FinTech Solutions Development


Logistics Solutions Development


Agriculture Solutions Development


Insurance Solutions Development


Hospitality Solutions Development


eLearning Solutions Development


eCommerce Solutions Development


HR Tech Solutions Development

HR Tech

Wellness Solutions Development


Trusted Globally

from FinTech industry stalwarts to industry-leading eCommerce providers, from well-established large and mid-sized businesses in a range of verticals to promising digital startups

An A Swiss multinational, the world's largest biotech company that operates worldwide

An American financial services firm that provides investment research and investment management services

Financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

All-in-one omni commerce payment solution with contactless, fast, secure, and safe payment processing

A legal technology company that makes the law simpler and affordable for businesses, families and individuals

One of the most recognizable landmarks, a company that specializes in innovative travel and hospitality services

SaaS XSPN - Next Generation Application & Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud-based connectivity enablement IoT platform encompasses a wide range of services across market verticals

A financial services firm that provides automated funding, and alternative lending services for small businesses

A leading tech-enabled insurance company that provides workers’ comp coverage to small businesses

Simple solution to storing all your home appliance manuals in one place and extending the life of appliances

An iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system enabling owners to manage reservations and take orders instantly

Recent Awards

and Industry Recognition

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space
An information technology (IT) research and consultancy company

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space

Top Software Developer, Top Global Java Development Company, Top Machine Learning Development Company
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Top Software Developer

Top B2B Service Provider

Top Global Java Development Company

Top 10 Web Development Company

Top B2B Ukrainian Firm
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Top 5 Global Java Developers

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Top Software Developer, Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Companies of USA
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Digital Platform to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world

Best Software Development Company

Best Custom Software Engineering Solutions


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