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We provide both iOS and Android mobile app development services.

As a company with a strong Business Analysis practice and extensive Startup and Product Development experience, we are versed in providing the full cycle of custom software development. This allows our mobile app development team to provide not only mobile app development per se, but also mobile app development and consulting. Thus, we help our clients better shape their future mobile products whenever required.

SPD Group’s mobile app development team is composed of first-rate mobile app developers with 5-10 years of experience in mobile application development.

Our mobile app development services are available both as a standalone service offering, and part of larger-scale custom software development solutions. In both cases, they are priced very competitively due to our R&D facilities being located in Eastern Europe. More specifically, if you are based in the US, Canada, Western Europe, or Australia, cooperation with us is likely to cut your mobile app development costs by a factor of 2 as compared with your local alternatives.

To create a mobile app development outsourcing arrangement that suits you best, we offer all the main Client Engagement models that we would be happy to adjust additionally.

We help you solve your business challenges

For Startups

Reduced mobile development costs

Reduced time-to-market

Timely and on-budget delivery

Zero paycheck hassle

For SMBs

Reduced mobile development costs

Enablement of mobile sales

Timely and on-budget delivery

Value-adding industry expertise

For Enterprises

Enablement of mobile sales

Enterprise mobility

Reduced time-to-market

Value-adding industry expertise

For Technology vendors

Mobile development expertise

Fast mobile development team’s scaling

Reduced time-to-market

Significant mobile development costs’ reduction

Our Services

iOS Development

Our mobile developers build robust, secure, and visually appealing iOS apps. Quite often, these iOS applications are developed as part of larger-sized solutions we deliver and are designed to manage the complex functionality these solutions provide. Our iOS app development services include native iOS apps’ development, including iPad apps, iPhone apps, and MacOS apps.

Android Development

We develop Android apps for various form factors and devices using programming languages like Java, Flutter, Javascript, and Kotlin. Our Android app development services include Native Android app development. The Android apps we develop often represent part of larger-scale, complex solutions. They have a visually appealing UI, well-thought-out UX, and high security.

Cross-platform mobile app

Our mobile app developers can develop Hybrid and crossplatform mobile apps and table apps. Wherever this makes sense, opting for our hybrid app development services allows our clients to reduce the cost of their mobile app development and their mobile app’s time-to-market. Our hybrid mobile apps’ performance is usually as close to that of similar native mobile applications, as possible.

Wearable app development

We offer wearable app development for both iOS and Android. With us, you can create any of the full variety of Apple watch apps and WearOS apps. Our Wearable app development services are geared both toward individual end-users and those businesses that are adopting the wearable app technology to gain extra speed and mobility.

Our mobile app development expertise and experience

We emerged as a mobile application development company in 2017, and have since implemented a diverse array of mobile development projects. Furthermore, the bulk of our custom software development projects, including enterprise-grade ones, have included mobile application development. This has allowed us to acquire vast expertise in mobile app development, ensure the continuity and ongoing expansion of this expertise, draw top-notch mobile app development talent, and gain mastery in developing mobile apps that use bleeding-edge technologies like Augmented Reality.

We have many mobile app development fortes. They include the ability to develop well-thought-out UIs for complex and intricate functionality, the ability to leverage the use of various development patterns to facilitate and speed up mobile software development, experience in creating highly secure mobile apps, and more.

Our mobile app developers are apt at working with various mobile device form factors and ensuring the cross-platform ability of mobile apps by using responsive design and alternative layouts.

Our industry-specific mobile application development expertise spans FinTech, LegalTech, eCommerce, eLearning, Logistics, and other industries.

Case Study

Financial & Market Data Platform Development

About the Project: Leading financial data provider that covers the global venture capital, private equity, and public markets, now is a part of Morningstar - global financial services firm with a market cap over $6B.

Industry: FinTech [Finance Data Analytics, Big Data Processing]

Geography: Seattle, London, New York, San Francisco

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Architecture Design, FinTech Solutions Development, AI Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

We started with a small project team by implementing a pilot project for Pitchbook and have since grown into their primary full-cycle technology provider.

Case Study

Omnicommerce Payment Solution Development

About the Project: A revolutionary Open Commerce Platform empowering merchants with software and services to transform their business. Recently was acquired by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), a $14B company.

Industry: FinTech [POS Payment Solutions, Smart Terminals]

Geography: Palo Alto, California, United States

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Architecture Design, FinTech Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

Learn more about our experience Our Case Studies

Our mobile app development strengths and competences

Experience in using various mobile development patterns to optimize the development process

In both iOS and Android development, our mobile app developers are experienced in leveraging various development patterns to improve code quality, mobile apps’ testability, and development speed.

The possibility to enhance your mobile app with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR or VR

Our AI/ML practice provides the expertise and skills to enhance your mobile app with AI/ML and AR/VR technologies.

Versatile expertise in reliably securing mobile apps

Our mobile app developers have a firm grasp of multiple ways to ensure your mobile app’s security. These ways include platform-enabled security means, combinations of multiple compression algorithms, Android Keystore (for Android apps) and the Keychain database (for iOS apps), as well as AES-256 and SHA-256 data and query encryption.

Industry expertise that helps add business value to your mobile application

Our R&D team has value-adding industry expertise in multiple verticals. Mobile-wise, we have built mobile apps for FinTech, LegalTech, eLearning, Logistics, and other industries.

Trusted Globally

from FinTech industry stalwarts to industry-leading eCommerce providers, from well-established large and mid-sized businesses in a range of verticals to promising digital startups

An A Swiss multinational, the world's largest biotech company that operates worldwide

An American financial services firm that provides investment research and investment management services

Financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

All-in-one omni commerce payment solution with contactless, fast, secure, and safe payment processing

A legal technology company that makes the law simpler and affordable for businesses, families and individuals

One of the most recognizable landmarks, a company that specializes in innovative travel and hospitality services

SaaS XSPN - Next Generation Application & Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud-based connectivity enablement IoT platform encompasses a wide range of services across market verticals

A financial services firm that provides automated funding, and alternative lending services for small businesses

A leading tech-enabled insurance company that provides workers’ comp coverage to small businesses

Simple solution to storing all your home appliance manuals in one place and extending the life of appliances

An iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system enabling owners to manage reservations and take orders instantly

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Our mobile app development process

accessible at any stage, point in time, and in every aspect

Discovery Phase

Jointly with you, our Business Analysts define and test the underlying idea of your mobile app, make a market and competitor research, and come up with a feature list for the app. The phase results in a clearly defined list of business and technical requirements for the mobile application to be built.

The duration of the Discovery phase is approximately 2-3 weeks.


The Wireframing phase focuses on sketching up your future mobile app. During this phase, we also create the mockups of your mobile application and test them (if so preferred by you, this happens in collaboration with you).

The duration of the Wireframing phase is 1-3 weeks.

UI/UX Design

During the UI/UX Design stage we create the screens of your mobile application. You are invited to discuss the look and feel we have created and to approve each of the created screens. During the UI/UX Design phase it also becomes possible for us to give you a detailed cost and time estimate for the project and precisely list the resources required to implement it.

The duration of the UI/UX Design phase is 1-2 weeks.

Application Development

During the Application Development phase, our mobile developers create the functionality of your mobile application.

Depending on the complexity and scale of your mobile app, the Application Development phase takes 4-5 weeks.


The Testing phase starts simultaneously and runs in parallel with the Application Development phase.

Usually, we conduct multiple types of testing that include Usability, Performance, Functional, Security, UX, and Regression testing.

Support & Maintenance

As your mobile application goes live, you can count on our long-term, effective, and cooperative support.

The duration of this phase can virtually be unlimited.

Technologies we use

that allow the most optimal implementation of any specific mobile application






React Native









Cloud Services

Amazon AWS




Microsoft Computer Vision API

Google Vision

AI and Machine Learning








Our mobile app development team

SPD Group has a premium-quality mobile app development team that develops all kinds of Android and iOS apps with equal efficiency

Our mobile development team is composed of Android developers with 5-7 years of experience in Android development and iOS developers with 5-10 years of experience in iOS development.

Both the Android and iOS development teams that make up our company’s mobile development team are led by PMs who have up to 10 years of experience with their respective mobile development technologies.

All our mobile app developers are university-educated software engineers with a working command of spoken and written English and broad experience interacting with clients overseas.

Our mobile app development team is distributed across several world-known Eastern-European software development hubs. The latter makes it easier for us to source top-notch mobile app developers whenever required.

Engagement models

that address any requirements

Team Extension

Team Extension (Staff Augmentation)

Team extension is often the beginning of a lot more meaningful business relationships. As we are aware of this, we provide Team Extension services to quickly extend your in-house team with one or more experts (usually, 1-3 persons) in order to beef it up or fill an expertise gap

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

The Managed Team client engagement model allows you to expand your in-house team in a more significant way than under Team Extension: we hand-pick several experts in accordance with your requirements to create a self-managed development team that is run by one of our seasoned Project Managers

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Under Project-Based Outsourcing, our team assumes full responsibility for implementing the entirety of your project: we provide all the various experts required during the Discovery/Business Analysis, Development, QA & Testing, and, possibly, Support & Maintenance phases

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Years in the business of Custom Software Development


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Major clients with more than $100M in annual revenue


Of our clients were acquired for a total of more than $500M

Industry Recognition

and Tech Awards

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space
An information technology (IT) research and consultancy company

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space

Top Software Developer, Top Global Java Development Company, Top Machine Learning Development Company
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Top Global Java Development Company

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Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Companies of USA

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Best Software Development Company, Best Custom Software Engineering Solutions
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Best Software Development Company

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Your Advantages

of choosing us

Quick Dedicated Team Creation

Quick Dedicated Team Creation

Creation of a dedicated development team, scaling within weeks, not months

In-Depth Expertise

In-Depth Expertise

16+ years of Software Engineering and Product Development experience

Full-Cycle Development


10+ years from "first line of code" to successful acquisition experience

Skillful Management

Skillful Management

No hiring and pay checks pains, proven development methodologies

Deep-Level Reporting

Deep-Level Reporting

Regular sprint and budget reports for control and transparency



97.6% of features has been delivered by us on time and on budget; our average clients NPS score is 9.1

Low Employee Turnover

Low Employee Turnover

Our company creates excellent working conditions and boasts a very low employee turnover. This helps minimize the need for replacing a dedicated team member as the project is underway

Product Development Expertise

Product Development Expertise

As a product development company, we have exactly the combination of competencies successful product development requires: BA expertise, software architecture design expertise, and advanced Project Management skills

Software Architecture Design Expertise

Software Architecture Design Expertise

We have a wealth of hands-on experience with the different types of software architecture and have designed a diverse range of solutions - a competence that is key for a software product development company

High Security

High Security

Per-project secured infrastructure, PCI DSS 3.2-compliant storages



Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space by Gartner, Top Software Development Company by Clutch, GoodFirms, The Manifest and others



Long-term, on-going post-release support to keep efficiency at a maximum


by Independent Organizations

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we got answers

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

This really depends on the kind of mobile app you need and its functionality. The cost of developing a mobile app can normally vary from $50000 to $500000.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

The duration of your mobile app development effort can vary depending on the kind of functionality your mobile app is supposed to include. Typically, it takes 8-12 weeks to develop a mobile application.

How do you ensure the transparency of your cooperation with your clients?

We do our best to ensure the transparency of our cooperation with our clients and that of our mobile app development process. At regular intervals, we provide performance and progress reports, indicating the key attributes like milestone tasks, bugs, blockers, and more.