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A winning fusion of Research & Business Analysis, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Post-Release Support.

An A Swiss multinational, the world's largest biotech company that operates worldwide
An American financial services firm that provides investment research and investment management services
Financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.
All-in-one omni commerce payment solution with contactless, fast, secure, and safe payment processing
A legal technology company that makes the law simpler and affordable for businesses, families and individuals
One of the most recognizable landmarks, a company that specializes in innovative travel and hospitality services
SaaS XSPN - Next Generation Application & Cloud Security Posture Management
A leading tech-enabled insurance company that provides workers’ comp coverage to small businesses

Looking for Custom Software Development?

We have been in the business of custom-developing a diverse range of software solutions for close to 17 years, building both Web applications and Mobile applications for businesses worldwide. SPD Group offers a full-cycle development, including Business Analysis, Software Architecture Design, and long-term post-release support.

The range of the services we offer as a custom software development company includes:

Custom Software Development (including end-to-end custom product development)

Enterprise-grade Development

Legacy Software Modernization

We both build custom software end-to-end, and help other, in-house development teams fulfill their companies’ business automation needs. Additionally, our custom software development services are also geared toward those technology vendors, which are looking to scale up their R&D operations within a short timeframe, in fine quality, and at a lower cost.

Our mastery in implementing complex functionality, building infinitely scalable enterprise-scale software architecture, and managing large-scale projects have made us the provider of choice for a range of prominent businesses. These businesses include U.S-based B2B eCommerce stalwarts, industry-leading U.S FinTech and Financial Services companies, a world-known, global BioTech company, an innovative North-American B2B LegalTech market player, and other reputable companies.

Our services

Discovery Phase

Get access to a powerful blend of Business Analysis, Software Consulting, Product Development, and Industry Expertise to to start building the custom software product you need.

PoC, MVP Development

Start your software development project the smart way. Receive market feedback to build your custom software better within weeks, and not months. Test your hypothesis based on high-quality, interactive prototypes and iterate rapidly.

Custom Application Development

Become part of our stellar software development track record. The on-time delivery of your software application is guaranteed by 16+ years of our software development experience, firm grasp of the Agile methodology, and extensive Continuous Integration expertise.

DevOps & Integration

Avoid disconnects and mitigate risks with best-in-breed Continuous integration and Continuous deployment practices, fine-tuned by our seasoned DevOps professionals.

Software Support & Maintenance

Ensure reliable on-going post-release support for your software application some of our clients have been receiving for more than 6 years now.

Full-value enterprise software development

Build complex software using our profound enterprise software development expertise and experience. Our development teams excel in the delivery of large-scale, high-load, multi-user, and multi-tenant software solutions that are robust enough to serve millions of concurrent users.

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Qualified software development experts


Full-blown R&D Centers


Major clients with more than $100M in annual revenue


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Long-term, strategic client relationships
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Case Study

Custom Software Development for Roche

About the Client: A Basel-, Switzerland-headquartered pharmaceutical and BioTech multinational, the history of which spans more than 126 years.

Industry: Biotech

Geography: Basel, Switzerland

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Java Development Services, Custom Software Development Services, Quality Assurance

Success story: Roche has used our assistance to develop mission-critical software components and ensure the software and business process quality that befits their world-leading position.

5 Stars Review on Clutch →
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Case Study

Financial & Market Data Platform Development

About the Client: A leading financial data provider that covers the global venture capital, private equity, and public markets.

Industry: FinTech [Finance Data Analytics, Big Data Processing]

Geography: Seattle, London, New York, San Francisco

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Custom Software Development, FinTech Solutions Development, AI Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

Success story: We started with a small project team by implementing a pilot project for Pitchbook and have since grown into their primary technology provider. The company is now part of Morningstar, the global financial services firm with a market cap of more than $6B.

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Case Study

Omnicommerce Payment Solution Development

About the Client: A revolutionary Open Commerce Platform that empowers merchants with software and services to transform their business.

Industry: FinTech [POS Payment Solutions, Smart Terminals]

Geography: Palo Alto, California, the U.S.

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Custom Software Product Development Services, FinTech Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

Success story: Poynt has entrusted to us the design and development of their revolutionary Open Commerce Platform. The company was subsequently acquired by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), a $14B company.

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Case Study

Web-based LegalTech Solution Development

About the Client: An innovative Mexico city-based LegalTech provider, whose platform is intended to enable secure and comprehensive legal interactions between businesses, and is currently used by around 50 B2B clients.

Industry: LegalTech

Geography: Mexico

Project size: $200,000 to $999,999

Project length: Jan. 2011 - Ongoing

Services provided: Software Product Development Services, Web Development Services, Infrastructure build (AWS Lambda), API Engineering, UI/UX Design

Success story: LegalShelf has engaged us to design and develop their B2B LegalTech platform, which has allowed them to increase their customer base by 30-40% (20+ enterprise clients) and achieve significant cost savings.

5 Stars Review on Clutch →
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Case Study

Vulnerability Management Platform Development

How We Helped Develop The AppSec Phoenix Platform

About the Client: A London-, UK-based startup that develops an innovative vulnerability management platform. The company's platform allows high-ranking company executives from all industries to quickly gain a consolidated view of any vulnerabilities and security gaps in their businesses’ IT landscapes.

Industry: Security, Risk Management

Geography: London, The United Kingdom

Services provided: Custom Software Development, Web Development Services, UI/UX Design, Post-delivery Maintenance and Support

Success story: Presently, the Appsec Phoenix platform represents an innovative vulnerability management platform that has won multiple prestigious awards and gained strategic partners amongst well-known cybersecurity solutions providers.

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Trusted globally

from FinTech industry stalwarts to industry-leading eCommerce providers, from well-established large and mid-sized businesses in a range of verticals to promising digital startups

An A Swiss multinational, the world's largest biotech company that operates worldwide

An American financial services firm that provides investment research and investment management services

Financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

All-in-one omni commerce payment solution with contactless, fast, secure, and safe payment processing

A legal technology company that makes the law simpler and affordable for businesses, families and individuals

One of the most recognizable landmarks, a company that specializes in innovative travel and hospitality services

SaaS XSPN - Next Generation Application & Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud-based connectivity enablement IoT platform encompasses a wide range of services across market verticals

A financial services firm that provides automated funding, and alternative lending services for small businesses

A leading tech-enabled insurance company that provides workers’ comp coverage to small businesses

Simple solution to storing all your home appliance manuals in one place and extending the life of appliances

An iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system enabling owners to manage reservations and take orders instantly

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Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space
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Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space

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Our Custom Software Development fortes

Services to achieve any business goals

Rely on us to solve any business task related to custom software development. With equal efficiency, we handle both Frontend and Backend software development, Legacy Software Modernization, MVP development, API Development, and DevOps and Integration.

Distinctive software development strengths

Benefit from our numerous application development strengths that include a large portion of seasoned software-engineering talent (15+ years of experience), a strong focus on enterprise-friendly technologies (Java, Node.Js), rich Startup and Product Development expertise, mastery in using Agile, and a proactive and problem-solving attitude to all the software development projects we implement.

Tailored engagement models

Choose the engagement model that will benefit your software development project the most. To address all your requirements, we offer these software development services via the Dedicated Team, Managed Services, and Staff Augmentation engagement models, any of which we are willing to further adjust to your needs.

Bleeding-edge AI & ML technologies

Enhance your custom software by employing bleeding-edge AI/ML technologies technologies we use to make our clients’ custom software solutions even more powerful.

Our experience

related to Custom Software Development services

As a custom software development company, we focus on mid- and large-scale, multi-user, complex-hierarchy, and high-load applications.

The custom software applications we develop typically provide complex and often innovative functionality. In most instances, they also serve a significant number of concurrent users. Over the years, all our applications have shown robust performance and proven to scale limitlessly both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, developed for well-known brands, some of them represent standard-setting solutions for their corresponding industries.

Among others, we have built from the ground up, or developed the bulk of the following types of software applications:

Massive-scale eCommerce applications (including B2B ones) that serve large numbers of users

Complex financial applications for a wide range of niche purposes

Multi-tenant Web-based applications (eCommerce and LegalTech ones)

Cloud-based applications

Web-based solutions with various niche functionality and AI/ML capabilities

Various custom mobile apps, including iOS and Android applications

The complexity of our custom software development projects has allowed our engineers to gain proficiency with complex and intricate types of software functionality, including:

Multi-tenant and multi-role B2B document management functionality

Complex calculation functions

Complex dynamic dashboards

Advanced Web-crawling and data collection functionality

Sophisticated AI/ML drone flight management functionality, and others.

Our R&D team’s technical expertise is complemented by a varying but always considerable amount of industry expertise in the verticals we serve. These include Finance (Financial Data Analysis, Investment, Payments, Big Data Processing), eCommerce, Logistics, LegalTech, Agriculture, Insurance, Hospitality & Leisure, HR Tech, Wellness, and Information Technology.

We successfully handle projects of virtually any size or complexity. Some of the custom software development projects our company has been engaged in implementing have been running for up to 13 years and involve up to 200+ custom software developers and other software development experts on our part.

SPD Group’s Eastern-European R&D facilities make it possible for us to price our software development services very competitively and attractively for North-American, Western-European, Australian, Israeli, and other businesses.

To provide our development services, we use the Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation models. Typically, it takes us approximately 6-8 weeks to put together a 5-7-strong dedicated development team at a client’s request.

Our 10 Key Target Industries

LegalTech Solutions Development


FinTech Solutions Development


Logistics Solutions Development


Agriculture Solutions Development


Insurance Solutions Development


Hospitality Solutions Development


eLearning Solutions Development


eCommerce Solutions Development


HR Tech Solutions Development

HR Tech

Wellness Solutions Development


Technology stack

that allow the most optimal implementation of any specific application

Mobile Development




React Native


Objective C

Web Development


Spring MVC









Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning


Internet of Things (IoT)

Augmented Reality

Cloud Services

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure, Computer Vision API

Google Cloud, Vision API




Our software development process

accessible at any stage, point in time, and in every aspect


Our experienced R&D department selects the most suitable technology stack to shape your custom software product.


Our experts create a project plan and a specification document and provide a time and cost estimate.


Flexible system of communications, regular updates, and weekly demos for transparency and control.


Our certified QA engineers ensure that everything in your software application remains stable, efficient, and secure due to quick bug-addressing, regular performance, and security checks.


We take every possible precaution to ensure a smooth and timely launch of your software application.


As your software product hits the market, we will be monitoring its performance and providing maintenance with updates, and regular security analysis.

Engagement models

that address any requirements

Team Extension

Team Extension (Staff Augmentation)

Team extension is often the beginning of a lot more meaningful business relationships. As we are aware of this, we provide Team Extension services to quickly extend your in-house team with one or more experts (usually, 1-3 persons) in order to beef it up or fill an expertise gap

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

The Managed Team client engagement model allows you to expand your in-house team in a more significant way than under Team Extension: we hand-pick several experts in accordance with your requirements to create a self-managed development team that is run by one of our seasoned Project Managers

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Under Project-Based Outsourcing, our team assumes full responsibility for implementing the entirety of your project: we provide all the various experts required during the Discovery/Business Analysis, Development, QA & Testing, and, possibly, Support & Maintenance phases


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Got questions?

We got answers

When does your business need custom software?

This approach is necessary when you have obviously outgrown your legacy software and realize that it has become much harder to maintain. As you start looking at the readily available options, there turn out to be no out-of-the-box solutions that fit your specific case. Actually, custom software may be required even when a seemingly suitable off-the-shelf solution is available, but you just need more scalability, flexibility, and efficiency.

What are the key stages of the custom software development process?

The key stages of the software development process include research (to determine the most suitable technology stack for the project), design (this one includes creating a project plan and a functional specification coming up with a time and budget estimate), development, testing, launch, and maintenance.

Depending on a specific project, some of the stages can take more time, or require some additional actions. For example, AI/ML projects require much more research, as compared with mobile application development.

What factors are crucial to the success of a custom software development project?

First and foremost, you need to partner up with a company that has proven software development experience and a portfolio of completed projects.

During the development process, you need to have clear goals and objectives set for each of the development stages. You must also establish transparent communication and put efficient project management in place. Besides, it is important to have a procedure for control delegation between you and your software development provider.

What are the custom software development services offered by SPD Group?

SPD Group offers various custom software development services including software development, maintenance, testing, migration, and modernization.

How does SPD Group approach custom software development projects?

SPD Group approaches custom software development projects by following a process that includes discovery and analysis, architecture design, development and implementation, testing and quality assurance, and post-deployment support. This approach ensures that each project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

What industries does SPD Group serve with its custom software development services?

SPD Group serves a wide range of industries with its custom software solution development services, including healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, and education.

Does SPD Group use any specific tools or technologies for custom software development?

SPD Group uses a range of tools and technologies for custom software development, including Java, .NET, Python, and Ruby on Rails. The company selects the best tools and technologies for each project based on the specific requirements and goals of the client.

Does SPD Group offer support and maintenance for custom software development projects?

Yes, SPD Group offers support and maintenance for custom software development projects. The company provides ongoing support to ensure that the custom software solution continues to function correctly and meets the needs of the client over time.

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