AI Solutions Development & Machine Learning

Find better business models, new revenue streams with Machine Learning and Custom Artificial Intelligence Solutions like Virtual Assistants, Data-Driven Insights and Predictive Analytics

Our services for a high-scaled, enterprise-grade development


Transform your business imperatives into actionable results during 4-week PoC workshop

AI Solutions Development

Build enterprise-grade, innovative products relying on our 4+ years AI/ML development experience


Integrate AI solutions with your existing infrastructure to discover new business models and increase performance

DevOps & Integration

Avoid disconnects and mitigate risk with Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment approach fine-tuned by our DevOps professionals

QA & Testing

Be sure that everything is working at its highest capacity with Quality Assurance,
ease of scaling and quick bug-addressing


Get on-going post release support to keep your products’ efficiency at maximum like our partner is having for over 6 years

Our AI team

will start your project IN WEEKS, NOT MONTHS


Full-time Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Data Scientists (PhDs) and Machine Learning Engineers


Years of practical knowledge of Data Engineering, Image, Video and Natural Language Processing


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Projects, and PoC completed during this year only

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Why us? Expertise, transparency, results


16+ years of Software Engineering and Product Development experience

From start to "exit"

9+ years from "first line of code" to successful acquisition experience

Security as a foundation

Per-project Isolated Infrastructure, PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant storages

You are in control

Regular sprint and budget reports for control and transparency


Multiple SIIA CODiE and GeekWire Deal of The Year awards winner

M&A expertise

Extensive experience in multiple, successful Merge and Acquisition processes

Engagement models

that address any requirements

Team Extension

Team Extension (Staff Augmentation)

Team extension is often the beginning of a lot more meaningful business relationships. As we are aware of this, we provide Team Extension services to quickly extend your in-house team with one or more experts (usually, 1-3 persons) in order to beef it up or fill an expertise gap

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

The Managed Team client engagement model allows you to expand your in-house team in a more significant way than under Team Extension: we hand-pick several experts in accordance with your requirements to create a self-managed development team that is run by one of our seasoned Project Managers

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Under Project-Based Outsourcing, our team assumes full responsibility for implementing the entirety of your project: we provide all the various experts required during the Discovery/Business Analysis, Development, QA & Testing, and, possibly, Support & Maintenance phases

How businesses

can benefit from ai


Make the production process automated with a lightweight “on the edge” ML models, Inventory and Delivery management


Increase customers engagement using technologies like Face Recognition and Automated Suggestions


Secure your business, respond to potential physical and digital risks with confidence and speed using Machine Learning


Make decisions with confidence relying on Data-Driven Insights and Predictive Analytics


for future-proof products


Predictive Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

Anomaly Detection

Root Cause Analysis


Computer Vision

Image Processing

Video Analytics


Voice Recognition


Microsoft Azure ML


Google Cloud

IBM Watson

Frameworks & Libraries

NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, sklearn

OpenCV, Rasterio, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, mkl-dnn

NLTK, gensim, spaCy

Apache Spark MLlib

Our Approach

Innovative, proactive, transparent, industry-savvy


Helps us optimize operations and improve our custom software development process by reducing the number of issues and inefficiencies.


A team of 500+ professionals is ready to take ownership of your project and eager to build a productive, long-lasting relationship with your company.


Continuous and transparent, which allows you to always be in control and feel like a full-value participant in the software development process.

Our process accessible at any stage, in every aspect


We will define: a problem, approach, data and business requirements, outcomes and next steps, brainstorm and present a proposed approach

Proof of Concept Development

Data Collection, Preparation, and Analysis; Feature Engineering. Model Selection and Training, Model Evaluation

AI Solution Development

Data Engineering: Collection, Integration, Preparation and Cleaning, Visualization and Analysis. Feature Engineering. Model Selection and Training, Parameters Tuning, Model Evaluation Model Deployment


Performance Monitoring and Debugging. Model Retraining

Security as a foundation

Per-project Isolated Infrastructure: VPN, Encrypted Channels and Data

PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant Data Storage to protect sensitive data

Staff background checks using (with report sharing)

Trends Detection

Featured solution

Platform to crawl and sort news for future trends detection
Technologies and tools: Data Crawling, NLP (Doc2Vec, Word2Vec, genism, LDA), Clusterisation, Text Classification

~ 30000 topics a day processing to receive valuable business insights on the major industries: Finance, Healthcare, Investments to make confident decisions based on Intelligent, Data-Driven Insights

Manual data processing was reduced by 20%, which resulted in more than 240,000$ in annual savings

Reducing the number of missed events helped to find more precise and holistic information that attract more clients


Featured solution

Automated Quality Control Pipeline Solution powered by Computer Vision which allows the client to detect, classify and localize defective areas during the steel manufacturing process
Technologies and tools: NumPy, OpenCV, ImgAug, TensorFlow, Keras, ResNet, U-Net, PSPNet

Fully automated defects detection solution was developed

Input data were filtered to reduce false positives

Post-processing module to minimize false positive detections

Localizes defects with the dice score of 0.89255

98.3% of accuracy in the classification of defects was achieved

Automate QA processes and reduce human labor