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With a first-rate Java development practice, established 16+ years ago, we excel in providing a wide spectrum of custom Java development services. Our software development services include both Java Web development and Java Mobile App Development for the Android platform.

More specifically, our services as a software development company include:

Custom Java software development

Enterprise-grade applications' development

Legacy software modernization

As our company focuses mostly on large-scale projects, our Java Web development services are most frequently associated with major, enterprise-grade software development efforts.

Simultaneously, we also work with startups and mid-sized businesses. We help these companies benefit from the powerful Java technology, evolve, and grow, so that they gradually become a meaningful part of our client roster. In this sense, our Java software development services are geared toward businesses and projects of all sizes: whether you need just a couple of Java developers to lend a hand with an ongoing project, or a dedicated development team to develop a major application from the ground up, we always offer a solution that addresses your needs best. It takes us an average of approximately 6 weeks to create a 5-7-strong Java Dedicated Development Team.

Our company’s R&D centers’ Eastern-European locations allow us to price our java development services very competitively.

To provide our services, we employ several basic Client Engagement models. Any of these models can be further adjusted to best-suit your project needs.


you benefit from

For Startups

Reduced web development costs

Reduced time-to-market

Timely and on-budget delivery

Zero paycheck hassle

For SMBs

Enablement of mobile sales

Reduced web development costs

Timely and on-budget delivery

Value-adding industry expertise

For Enterprises

Enterprise mobility

Value-adding industry expertise

Fast team’s scaling

Web development costs’ reduction

Our Java Development services

to solve your business needs and problems

Custom Java Software Development

Custom Java Software Development

As a full-cycle custom software engineering company, we design and develop a wide variety of applications using Java as the primary development technology.

Our long-honed mastery in Java software architecture allows us to optimally lay a robust and scalable foundation for virtually any Java application.

The breadth of our Java development expertise allows our Java developers to use the technology to solve various development tasks as gainfully, as possible.

We use Java to develop both Web- and Cloud-based software applications.

Enterprise-grade Java Software Development

Enterprise-grade Java Application Development services

Java is an enterprise-friendly development technology that is widely preferred by a plethora of businesses and technology vendors that develop enterprise-grade software for their own needs or those of their clients.

As a Java application development company, engaging largely in the development of enterprise-scale systems, we are conversant with using those capabilities of Java that help build robust and scalable enterprise-grade software.

Our immense experience in developing the entirety of large-scale applications, managing major projects, and using Java for a range of purposes all make Java enterprise-grade development both our core specialty and indisputable forte.

Legacy Software Modernization or Replacement

Legacy Software Modernization or Replacement

If you have a failing or not so efficient Java application, it may well be possible for you to put things to rights without a hefty investment in developing a completely new one. It may be possible to modernize and extend your Java app, integrate it with a new Java app, or migrate it to a new Java app. Our profound knowledge of legacy software modernization techniques can help make the right choice.

Combined with our company's expertise in Java development, Java software architecture design, and business analysis, our legacy software modernization services represent a great way to solve your Java software-related problems.

Recent Awards

and Industry Recognition

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space
An information technology (IT) research and consultancy company

Emerging provider in the Information Technology and Services space

Top Software Developer, Top Global Java Development Company, Top Machine Learning Development Company
A platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders

Top Software Developer

Top B2B Service Provider

Top Global Java Development Company

Top 10 Web Development Company

Top B2B Ukrainian Firm
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Top 5 Global Java Developers

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Top Software Developer, Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Companies of USA
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Fastest Growing Mobile App Development Companies of USA

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Best Software Development Company

Best Custom Software Engineering Solutions

Case Study

Development of Financial & Market Data Platform

About the Project: A leading financial data provider that covers the global venture capital, private equity, and public markets. The company is now part of Morningstar, the global financial services firm with a market cap of more than $6B.

Industry: FinTech [Finance Data Analytics, Big Data Processing]

Geography: Seattle, London, New York, San Francisco

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Architecture Design, FinTech Solutions Development, AI Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

We started with a small project team by implementing a pilot project for Pitchbook and have since grown into their primary technology provider.

Tech Details →
Case Study

Omnicommerce Payment Solution Development

About the Project: A revolutionary Open Commerce Platform that empowers merchants with software and services to transform their business. The project has recently been acquired by GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), a $14B company.

Industry: FinTech [POS Payment Solutions, Smart Terminals]

Geography:Palo Alto, California, the U.S.

Services provided: Dedicated Development Team, Architecture Design, FinTech Solutions Development, Post-release Maintenance and Support

Tech Details →
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Our clients are happy

to share their experiences

Trusted Globally

from FinTech industry stalwarts to industry-leading eCommerce providers, from well-established large and mid-sized businesses in a range of verticals to promising digital startups

An A Swiss multinational, the world's largest biotech company that operates worldwide

An American financial services firm that provides investment research and investment management services

Financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

All-in-one omni commerce payment solution with contactless, fast, secure, and safe payment processing

A legal technology company that makes the law simpler and affordable for businesses, families and individuals

One of the most recognizable landmarks, a company that specializes in innovative travel and hospitality services

SaaS XSPN - Next Generation Application & Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud-based connectivity enablement IoT platform encompasses a wide range of services across market verticals

A financial services firm that provides automated funding, and alternative lending services for small businesses

A leading tech-enabled insurance company that provides workers’ comp coverage to small businesses

Simple solution to storing all your home appliance manuals in one place and extending the life of appliances

An iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system enabling owners to manage reservations and take orders instantly

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Our Java Development expertise and experience

With 16+ years of Java development across different development directions, verticals, and types of applications, we have nothing to envy from any other Java app development company in terms of skills or expertise.

Some of the types of applications we have developed using Java include:

Multiple major eCommerce applications and platforms

Fintech applications with complex functionality

LegalTech and other multi-tenant software applications

A Java mobile app development for Logistics and Customs Brokerage Service

An AI-powered Geospatial Information Service

Various Cloud-based applications

Web-based niche solutions that include AI/ML functionality

Android mobile applications with 4D and AR features

The bulk of our portfolio as a Java development company is composed of larger-sized Java software development projects. For example, one of such projects focuses on the development of a Fintech product with 3+ million database entries. As Java developers, we have been involved in implementing this project for 13+ years, making approximately 250+ releases per year. In another of our Java projects, we have built a powerful enterprise-grade application for a leading financial data provider. The application has become very popular among C-Level executives. It has around 8000+ active users per month.

Our experience in the other areas of Java software engineering we cover is just as significant. To illustrate, in one of our long-term Cloud development projects, our team has migrated 200+ microservices from on-premise to the Cloud to increase the solution’s scalability and improve it otherwise. In the realm of Data Migration and Integration, we have built a high-scale, enterprise-grade consolidated enterprise platform with up to 80 connected services running concurrently.

Importantly, many of the Java applications we have delivered were not only developed by us from scratch, but also designed by our Software Architects. The ability to design robust and scalable software architecture for complex Java solutions constitutes a crucial part of our Java expertise.

In our Java projects, we use SonarQube statistical code analyzer to detect any existing security vulnerabilities and bugs. Our Java development teams follow the OWASP Top 10 practices in order to produce secure Java code.

Our 10 Key Target Industries

LegalTech Solutions Development


FinTech Solutions Development


Logistics Solutions Development


Agriculture Solutions Development


Insurance Solutions Development


Hospitality Solutions Development


eLearning Solutions Development


eCommerce Solutions Development


HR Tech Solutions Development

HR Tech

Wellness Solutions Development



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Our Java Development strengths and advantages

Java Tech Stack

Excellent command of the whole of the Java Tech Stack

Use the power of Java to the full. Due to the massive and diverse amount of Java development we have handled in the almost 17 years we’ve been in business, our Java development team is equally proficient with the full breadth of the Java Technology Stack. They are free and flexible to always use the Java capability that solves the task at hand best.

Java software architecture design

A wealth of experience in designing Java software architecture

Lay a future-proof foundation for your Java application. Our Java software architects build robust and infinitely scalable architecture for various types of Java applications.

Java industry expertise

In-depth industry expertise that can add value to your Java application

Use the knowledge of those who have developed applications for your industry or business niche before. Avoid industry-specific pitfalls and improve your Java app with our company’s expertise in the eCommerce, Finance, FinTech, LegalTech, and other verticals.

Java app development cost reduction

Reduced cost of Java app development

Cut your java development expenses by opting for SPD Group. Our clients outsource their Java development to one of the world-known Eastern-European software outsourcing destinations our R&D offices are located in. Often, they can сut down on the cost of their Java development very significantly and save up to 30-50%.

Our Java development process

accessible at any stage, point in time, and in every aspect

Business Analysis

Our experts discuss the project with your project stakeholders at depth, share their ideas with your project actors, and provide them with feedback on the project’s complexity and the resources required to make the project possible.

Creation of a functional specification

We craft a detailed functional specification that indicates the scope of the project, details an implementation plan for it, and describes the required Java tech stack.

Putting together of the project team

Our recruiters select the Java developers who fit your project best. Besides, if you want to have more control over the recruitment process, we can arrange interviews with the candidates.

Product development

By using the Agile/Scrum development process, we develop and deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget, in full accordance with the initial plan.

QA & Testing

Our QA experts conduct both manual and automated testing by using multiple frameworks and continuous integration practices.

Support & Maintenance

After the release, we continue to support your product and can add more features and improvements, if needed.

Technologies we use

that allow the most optimal implementation of any specific mobile application


Spring MVC



Java Persistence API









Cloud Services

Amazon S3

Amazon Redshift

Google Cloud Computing API



Microsoft Computer Vision API

AI and Machine Learning








Engagement models

that address any requirements

Team Extension

Team Extension (Staff Augmentation)

Team extension is often the beginning of a lot more meaningful business relationships. As we are aware of this, we provide Team Extension services to quickly extend your in-house team with one or more experts (usually, 1-3 persons) in order to beef it up or fill an expertise gap

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

Managed Team (Dedicated Team)

The Managed Team client engagement model allows you to expand your in-house team in a more significant way than under Team Extension: we hand-pick several experts in accordance with your requirements to create a self-managed development team that is run by one of our seasoned Project Managers

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Full-Cycle, Project-Based Outsourcing

Under Project-Based Outsourcing, our team assumes full responsibility for implementing the entirety of your project: we provide all the various experts required during the Discovery/Business Analysis, Development, QA & Testing, and, possibly, Support & Maintenance phases

You can trust us

the numbers say it all


Years in the business of Custom Software Development


Is our average client NPS score
(out of 10)


Major clients with more than $100M in annual revenue


Of our clients were acquired for a total of more than $500M

Our Java Development team

Currently, we employ 200+ highly skilled, university-educated Java developers with 5-15 years of Java development experience. Around 70+ of these Java developers are Oracle-certified.

Just like with the rest of our R&D team, our Java development team has a predominant portion of senior Java software engineers. Simultaneously, as we regard Java development services as a strategic direction for our company, we additionally train Java developers at our SPD University.

Our Java project teams are led by Tech Leads with 5-7 years of experience as Java Team Leads. The Java Software Architects we have on board have some 5-7 years of experience in designing Java software applications.

What makes us

the right choice

Quick Creation of a Dedicated Team

Quick Creation of a Dedicated Team

We create and scale dedicated teams quickly, within just weeks instead of months.

This means you can get your product to the market faster, avoid delays and related costs, and start making money sooner. Our track record includes assembling a team of 200+ highly qualified software developers and experts within just 6 months

In-Depth Expertise

Proven In-Depth Expertise

We have been developing software for 17 years, focusing on Custom Products.

This experience allows us to handle complex challenges, create high-quality and scalable software, and ensure that your product is competitive in the market.

We have a proven track record and many successful software products that industry leaders like Poynt, BlackHawk Network, and Morningstar use.

Full-Cycle Software Development Company

Full-Cycle Software Product Development

Our R&D team has expertise in Business Analysis, Software Architecture design, developing MVPs, and Software Engineering.

With us, you can create any type of software product, no matter how big or complex. Our in-depth industry knowledge also allows us to develop high-performing, scalable, and valuable software products that compete well in the market.

Skillful Project Management

Skillful Project Management

Our Project Management track record includes successfully managing massive-scale IT projects with more than 260 software developers.

Our project managers have a lot of experience with challenging project environments that include M&As, Project Recovery, the need to interact with multiple business teams on the client’s side, and more.


Reliable and Predictable Delivery

We have a track record of delivering 97.6% of the required functionality on time and on budget and an average customer satisfaction score of 9.1 out of 10.

Even when faced with tight deadlines or difficult project conditions, you can time your deliverables more precisely, meet deadlines, and count on our assistance in non-standard situations.

We also take over projects from other development teams.

Low Employee Turnover

Low Employee Turnover

Our company creates excellent working conditions and boasts a very low employee turnover.

This means that you, as a client, are less likely to need to replace a team member during the project. Your dedicated developers will also become familiar with your business goals, environment, and project details because they'll be working on it for a long time.

This low turnover helps us build strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

Product Development Expertise

Software Product Development Expertise

We have up to 17 years of experience in our target industries, 10+ years of experience in Software Architecture design, and a proven ability to manage projects with up to 260+ software developers.

With us, you can benefit from the best Software Architecture, our proven ability to implement a diverse range of complex software features, and our experience working with industry-leading clients.

Software Architecture Design Expertise

Software Architecture Design Expertise

We have 10 years of Software Architecture design experience that includes all the main types of software architecture.

Our experts have designed solutions for a wide range of industries, including the eCommerce, FinTech, LegalTech, Logistics, and Security.

With us, you'll benefit from our ability to create large, scalable solutions that can handle high loads.



Our company offers ongoing support and maintenance for all the software solutions we deliver. For some of our solutions, we have been providing support for up to 7 years.

This means you can always count on us for help in the future. We also revisit your solution to make sure it stays efficient over time.

Recognition and Awards

Recognition and Awards

Industry recognition can be important in evaluating a provider candidate.

SPD Group has received multiple notable awards such as Emerging Provider in the Information Technology and Services space by Gartner, Top Software Developer by Clutch, Top Software Development Company by GoodFirms, and Top B2B Firm by The Manifest.


we got answers

Why would you be a good choice as an offshore Java Development Company?

Our offshore business presence as a Java development company is in three major Eastern-European cities being home to vibrant IT communities, well-known technical universities, and significant IT talent pools.

Among other IT experts, the IT talent pools of our offshore Eastern-European contain large numbers of Java developers, which allows us to choose from a wider selection of Java developer candidates and enables competitive recruitment cycles. Our R&D locations have long been known for their high engineering culture and the proactive attitude of the local IT professionals. Lastly, as far as high-quality Java development is concerned, our offshore locations also allow us to keep our Java software development services price-competitive.

What are your strengths as a Java outsourcing company?

We are a Java development company you can outsource the part and parcel of your Java development to, regardless of your project’s complexity, from the collection of the requirements for your future project to the design of your Java application’s architecture to the system’s expansion in the offing.

Also, the significant number of Java developers we have, and our company’s direct access to several significant IT talent pools enable us to tackle sizable Java application development projects and staff them within optimal time frames.

What are your strengths as a Java application development company?

As a Java application development company, we have exactly the qualities it takes to develop complex and major Java applications. 

Firstly, we have created the architecture of various Java applications, and have the kind of IT experts who excel at the task. Secondly, we have come on top of all of the many challenges posed by complex functions we’ve come across: we develop demanding Java functionality in fine quality. Thirdly, the portion of senior Java developers in our Java application development team is very high. This helps us ensure high software quality. Lastly, a considerable part of our Java developers  and Java architects are industry-savvy in one of our target verticals. 

For instance, we have a number of Java experts with industry expertise in eCommerce and Financial Services. In addition to the shortened learning curve, this can help add more product value during your Java software development project. Besides, these experts may be cognizant of how to implement some industry-specific function more optimally using Java. 

If my company needs more than Java Web application development, can you provide mobile app development in parallel?

Yes, we can.

Regardless of whether you need iOs or Android, we could launch your mobile development project roughly simultaneously with your Java web application development to deliver the solution you need within an optimal timeframe.

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