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People are used to thinking of IoT as well as other modern technologies as of tools for science, businesses, industries, etc. However, some of them can change and even save our lives.





Tricella is a smart pillbox. You can store your medicine in there and never miss taking your pills. It is connected via the Bluetooth to the mobile app and tracks if pills were taken. Mobile application sends alerts when you should take a doze. It also allows multiple device connectivity, so it could be used by caregivers to control the pill taking process of many patients.


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QardioCore is an amazing wearable ECG/EKG device by Qardio. It tracks your complete heart health on your smartphone, gets a medically accurate electrocardiograph trace for deeper heart health insights and shares data with your doctor automatically. Thanks to QardioCore you can assure your heart health from home. Besides QardioCore, the company has developed QardioArm – smart blood pressure monitoring device and QaedioBase 2 – wireless smart scale.





Bloomlife is a pregnancy monitoring wearable device that monitors real-time uterine activity for contraction frequency, duration, patterns, and trends. You can watch contractions in real-time or see how patterns change between sessions as your body prepares for the big day using a mobile application.






Nanit is a sleep monitoring system for babies. Being called one of the “Best Inventions of 2018” by TIME Magazine it collects all you need about your baby sleeping. The device streams video, analyzes data about the sleeping process, reports sleeping trends and offers sleeping tips. Besides tracking the sledding process Nanit also has temperature and humidity sensors that let you oversee room conditions.






Muse is an EEG device widely used by neuroscience researchers around the world. It uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you. Muse does not use electrical stimulation – it’s a PASSIVE tool that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain. To use it, connect the device to your phone and start the Muse Meditation app. Use the Muse app to follow your progress over time and learn new things about your own mind, heart, breath, and body.




Technology is not only a distant thing that is not relevant to the general public, but it is becoming a key to our wellness. There are a lot of great medical innovations that could make our life more safe, pleasant and healthy and there will be even more.



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