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When talking about technology many people imagine cool cyborgs, flying cars, and other amazing solutions. We are glad to speak about robotics in our 20th IoT digest. Let’s check out what we have in 2019.


Hanson Robotics


Do you know Sophia the Robot? Surely, you do. Everyone knows her and that is because of Hanson team who have created her. This is the most famous company in the realm of engineering human like, empathetic, living, intelligent machines. Their creations could engage emotionally with people maintaining eye contact, recognizing faces, understanding speech, holding natural conversations, learning and developing through experience. In accordance with Hanson, their machines will serve as AI platforms for research, education, medical and healthcare, sales and service, and entertainment applications, and will evolve to become benevolent, super-intelligent living machines who advance civilization and achieve ever-greater good for all.




KUKA is one of the largest industrial robots manufacturing company. KUKA offers a wide range of industrial devices and tailor-made solutions. Their solutions include lightweight machines for direct human-robot collaboration, heat- and dirt-resistant for extreme ambient conditions, palletizing for handling tasks of all kinds, press-to-press with enormous reaches for loading and unloading large parts in press-linking operations, etc. KUKA machines are so well-programed that they could carry out pretty much any industrial task with maximum efficiency. Still don’t believe it’s amazing? Just have a look at this video.



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Boston Dynamics


This company is a pioneer in the field working on extraordinary rough terrain mobility and super-human stability. Boston Dynamics creates different four and two-leg machines for indoor and outdoor operations. They could pick up heavy loads while occupying a small footprint and delivering high-performance mobile manipulation. Different machines are dedicated to different purposes: while some could carry relatively small weight and manipulate in narrow places, others could carry up to 182 kg and operate nearly 24 hours non-stop. Boston Dynamics actively collaborate with military organizations, for example, DARPA.


SoftBank Robotics


Like Hanson, SoftBank designs robots with humanity in mind. Pepper is their most famous creation. It is the first humanoid with an emotion engine that is capable of recognizing faces and basic human sentiments to welcome, inform and entertain people in an innovative way. SoftBank is driven by the peoplefirst
approach. They pursue the creation of everyday machines that assist people,
making their lives easier, safer, and more connected.


Moley Robotics


Moley operates in a totally different area. They have developed the world-first fully-automated and intelligent robotics kitchen. It consists of kitchen appliances and a pair of fully-articulated mechanical hands. Moley devices learn recipes, cooks dishes and clears up after itself. Moley records every motion of the chef into the system and it replays his exact movements through the mechanical hands.


With the development of robotics, we are becoming a part of the amazing Sci-Fi scenario. What idea it will cover next? If you have any questions or if you are interested in IoT development – feel free to contact us!