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Did you know that small business is vital in keeping a community’s economy more sustainable and less dependable on national trends? It’s true. Small businesses play a significant role in their local community’s identity, uniqueness, and economic health. At this challenging time, it’s clear now more than ever that we owe a lot to them.

Small business is very important, SPD Group is working to ensure proper recognition and support of it. Since 2006, we have helped innovative companies by utilizing modern technologies. It’s our mission to solve your challenges and give you time to focus on your business. Our product-oriented team is passionate, competent, and knowledgeable. We solve sophisticated problems using cutting-edge and modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We offer Custom Software Development & Technology Consulting – the whole range of services including Research, Business Analysis, Custom Artificial Solutions Development, Quality Assurance, and Post-release support. SPD Group has a Dedicated R&D Department, can develop functional MVP/PoC in weeks, and have expertise in successful M&A processes.

The values we live by are teamwork, innovations, and knowledge. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving them in our daily tasks. One of the key ways we’ve validated our success has been through using Clutch. Clutch is a market research platform that provides ratings and reviews of the top B2B firms.

Our Clutch profile features unbiased, verified client feedback. These reviews help us improve our current products and services as well as recognize our employees’ contributions. By growing our online presence, we will accordingly grow our business. Clutch supports businesses by helping them promote and compete. We know first-hand just how fierce the competition can be, especially having two offices in the London market.

In our very first review, Alex Samano, the co-founder and CEO of a financial planning company, highlighted our ongoing engagement. For 10 years now, we’ve been providing them with custom software as well as web and mobile app development efforts. Alex kindly took the time to leave his feedback saying, “What’s unique about SPD Group is that they use dedicated teams.”

We’d like to thank Alex for the time and effort he took to leave us a review. Our team appreciates the constructive feedback, and we’ll continue to collect reviews as we deliver top-quality solutions.

The gratitude and appreciation we have for our team members cannot be put into words. We couldn’t achieve what we have accomplished without them. Thank you for your hard work!


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