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Providing us with food, agriculture is, perhaps, one of the most precious industries for humanity and it is a pleasure to find out how tech improves its efficiency with state-of-art IoT solutions. Check out the SPD-Group top 5 list of smart farming products.




Lumigrom is a manufacturer of industry’s leading smart horticultural lighting that help agricultural companies to enhance the cultivation process. They offer different lighting solutions depending on the crops type. The Lumigrow main distinguishing feature is that their lighting is connected to the cloud and provides a lot of helpful insights. Meanwhile, the wireless control system allows you to manage your LEDs from your phone, tablet, or computer, quickly set up lighting zones, enable lighting automation and gain control over light intensity, spectrum, and photoperiod. Thus, you could create an optimal lighting environment to maximize production.




Drone solutions are actively penetrating do different industries providing major improvements. Agriculture is not an exception. PrecisionHawk offers a specially dedicated drone solution that could measure plant health details, generate plant counts and forecast yield, optimize input timing, detect plant health patterns before they are visible, assess livestock health and weight gain, identify damaged fencing, assess storm damage, calculate grove maturity, determine optimal foraging areas, etc. The company also has a Smarter Agriculture Package that includes drones, sensors, software, and analytics. It is a turn-key platform that uses drone data to automate and optimize farm management.



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Indoor farming is becoming more and more popular, both among end-users and companies. CityCrop is an outstanding intelligent indoor garden solution that lets you grow pesticide-free food. The device is enriched with climate control, hydroponic system, adjustable trays, nutrient dosing system and LED grow lights. It is connected to the cloud and could be controlled via a smartphone application. With the app, you could manage the temperature, humidity, lighting and water cycles, watch the progress of your plantation remotely and share your CityCrop experience with peer-to-plant enthusiasts. The CityCrop application also automatically adapts the right settings for your particular plant growing and provides you with instant tips, and advice.






Fieldin is a universal smart platform for agriculture. It collects relevant data from dozens of data sources, makes smart decisions based on field inputs, historical datasets, regulatory requirements, and optimization algorithms, and analyzes data to deliver optimization tools to ensure execution is aligned with your plan. Fieldin also offers special solutions for pest management, harvesting, and smart farm. Besides getting real-time control at your convenience, the platform also helps to use fewer pesticides, reduce drifting and reduce the cost of spray implementation.






Unlike all the products mentioned above, Cowlar is a smart system specially developed for dairy cows. It consists of “cowlar” (smart collar), cow router and application — the Cowlar is a strap that measures temperature, activity and cow behavior (i.e. whether it’s eating, sleeping, ruminating or showing lameness). Cow router serves as a gateway between the device (cowlar) and application. With the app, you could get and analyze data in dynamics and get actionable recommendations. They can be converted into tasks. Meanwhile, the data sent by the cows undergo machine learning based analysis to bring you recommendations and alerts in case there is a health warning, your cow shows any disease symptoms, enters into heat or pregnancy.


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