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We are getting used to the big variety of smart products and innovative companies, however, the full potential of modern tech is not limited only to goods. Operations are also actively leveraging technology, especially the supply chain. Companies are becoming ready to invest a lot in increasing logistics efficiency in order to get a lot as a result. Let’s have a look at great supply chain solutions which allow to dramatically reduce operational costs.




ClearMetal is a software that allows tracking, tracing, and predicting all of your shipments. The platform helps optimize inventory, manage exceptions, reduce transportation expenditures, etc. It uses direct carrier connections, real-time satellite + IoT data and, most importantly, patented AI to clean and correct transportation data the most accurately. ClearMetal predicts delays, final arrival, availability for pickup, alerts you of transshipment issues, containers at risk for D&D and many more.


CommonSense Robotics


This is a company that specializes in building micro-fulfillment-centers operated by hundreds of robots of different types. Such solutions allow to carry out thousands of orders each day. Meanwhile, CommonSense centers are more than 10 times smaller than ordinary fulfillment centers that allow them to be located inside the cities and perform orders faster. In fact, a typical order could be fulfilled within 5 minutes and delivered in less than an hour. In the future, the company plans to set up networks of micro-fulfillment-centers in different cities in order to make the supply chain even more efficient.



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Starsky Robotics


This solution belongs to two industries: automotive and logistics. They have developed a driverless truck. The main goal of Starsky Robotics is safety. They strive to minimize the number of truck road accidents and save people’s lives. The technology behind this solution allows drivers to operate vehicle remotely from the company office, not physically being inside the cabin. Such a solution also allows drivers to spend more time at their hometowns and for companies to minimize cost related to employees being on trips.



Talking about smart supply chain nowadays, the list of cool solutions won’t be complete without drone delivery. Flytrex, a drone delivery company, provides everything you need to start delivering with drones. The company has developed cloud-connected drones that could be operated using the Flytrex Control Center. Flytrex Control Center is an advanced dashboard that allows managing your fleet of delivery drones: defining flight routes and different actions across routes. It also automatically performs a full system preflight check before approving each takeoff and provides you with the most detailed reports for each mission.


IAM Robotics


IAM Robotics is a solution set for material handling. It consists of high-performance product dimensioner and photo booth (Flash), software interface (SwiftLink) and workhorse of the operation (Swift). Swift is an autonomous, material-picking robot with integrated obstacle detection technology. It is capable of picking and transporting products at human-level speeds, working alone or simultaneously as a fleet. The whole solution works tirelessly to ensure that your orders are ready for shipping, on time.


Besides decreasing operational costs, such innovations in the supply chain also enhance customers satisfaction.


From your point of view, which solution brings the most benefits to a customer? If you have any questions or if you are interested in IoT development – feel free to contact us!