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Employees are the greatest value of a company and making their working life pleasant and comfortable could increase their productivity and commitment. Surprisingly, the technology could assist you in this mission by providing exciting solutions for workplaces.

Energy and climate control



Energy and climate management solutions offer companies a unique opportunity to not only leverage IoT development with modern technologies but also to start saving on them. Plenty of different product offering helps optimize lighting, temperature, humidity, etc. For example, smart lighting systems detect if there is nobody in the office and automatically turn down the light. You can interconnect your HVAC system and forget about any inconveniences, you will always have fresh air and a pleasant temperature in your workplace and your employees will become more healthy. You can also install smart window shades with solar panels and besides controlling your consumption, start producing energy.


Solutions examples: Philips Hue, Honeywell Home, SolarGaps






Security is always among the greatest concerns and with the assistance of the Internet of Things, you can ensure a proper security level in your office. First of all, you could start with smart locks. There are many different solutions on the market with different functionality. There is no need to change keys if someone has lost them – smart locks react to employees smartphones, so they should just update the key in the app. To enhance office security, you may also use intelligent video surveillance systems and movement detecting sensors. Such solutions are usually AI-enabled, they detect anomalies, send notifications, call the police and so on.


Solutions examples: August Smart Lock, Nest Cams



Communication and collaboration



Surely, you can hardly imagine the office without meeting rooms nowadays. Employees usually struggle to find space if they need it immediately and they usually come to a meeting room to find it is occupied by someone else. Modern solutions offer intelligent rooms and desks scheduling systems. They integrate different equipment to detect if a particular room or desk is occupied. Thus, it offers valid places and you should not run over the office to find a place anymore.


Solution example: Robin


Smart coffee and plants



Of course, an office is no longer an office if it doesn’t include plants and at least one coffee machine. Smart coffee machines allow employees to order a coffee beverage from their smartphones and get it prepared before they come. It also alerts an office manager if coffee bin tray is empty, in case it should be cleaned or repaired. As to the plants, smart plant pots evaluate water level and notify its owner or even water itself. Certainly, such IoT devices are rather luxurious than necessary, however, if you would like to impress your employees with something unusual, smart coffee machines or smart pots might be good ideas.


Solutions examples: Behmor Brewer, Parrot Pot


SPD Smart Office



It is a pleasure for us to present our own solution in this digest. It is a Smart Office system that we have developed on our own and are actively using in our facilities. Smart Office monitors and analyzes environmental parameters of a workplace like a temperature, CO2, humidity; enables access control, booking, and scheduling system. Nevertheless, it is relatively young, it has already brought a lot of value into SPD. For example, smart air conditioning and automated lighting have already reduced office maintenance expenditures by 30%. If you would like to find out more about Smart Office, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a demo session.



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What IoT innovations would you like to get in your office first? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!