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We have previously described some of the IoT solutions that could majorly improve our healthcare, everyday lives, security, etc. In this digest, we are glad to continue the topic of technology being beneficial to people, so check out some amazing IoT gadgets made for children.



The great example of a wearable device for the little ones that includes Smart Button and app. Unlike most similar gadgets, it is not embedded in clothes, it can be just snapped onto any outfit. MonBaby tracks breathing movements, body position (on the back or on the stomach), fall detection, proximity and alerts you in case something is going wrong. Measurements are done in real-time, five times per second, and transmitted to the smartphone app.



B’zT provides amazing wearable solutions that could perfectly fit kids of different age and with different preferences, and most importantly, assure their safety. They include cool connected t-shirts and patches. Proximity-based Bluetooth tracking chipsets are pre-embedded in patches and pockets. After being linked to a cellphone they track the location of your child and issue an alarm when the kid is no longer within close range.



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Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

If your kid is a fan of the Harry Potter story, this solution definitely worth consideration. Besides being simply amazing, it offers a unique opportunity to learn to code. Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit includes tools to build a wand that responds to your movements. Then it should be connected to a tablet or computer and you may start learning. Coding Kit also provides more than 70 step-by-step challenges related to the Harry Potter world, so you could both code and get fun.



O Watch

O Watch is the other smart gadget that allows children to educate. It is an open-source Arduino based smartwatch kit designed to enable kids of all ages learn 3D design, coding and band making while making their own smart watch. O Watch is offered in two packages: base kit and sensor kit. Sensor kit additionally includes the add-on sensor board that contains sensors to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and also a 3 axis magnetometer for compass function.



In case you are struggling to make your kid brushing the teeth properly and regularly, Kolibree is what you need. It is a smart, fun and connected electric toothbrush with AI capabilities. It monitors your progress over time (duration, frequency, and brushed surface), provides you with insightful feedback and recommendations. Meanwhile, it offers specially-designed games for kids that help to increase brushing time and transform teeth brushing to a playful process.



IoT technology, if properly used, could make our lives more pleasant and joyful. What other kids-friendly IoT solution do you know? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or interest in IoT Development