Unification and Integration of Distributed Systems

Custom Platforms Development or Migration. Data Consolidation Solutions.

Our services

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  • Custom Enterprise Data Platform Development

    Enterprise Platforms Unification

    Platforms Unification due to mergers and acquisitions, standardization / consolidation initiatives, migration to a modern technology stack, or to support new business use cases

  • Data migrations and reconciliation

    Data migrations and reconciliation

    Legacy Data migrations / Upgrades of any complexity level, with the guarantee of integrity and zero chances of Business Interruption

  • BI system development

    Advanced BI reporting systems development

    Multi-Source Reporting and Analytics systems development or integration for data-driven, real-time insights

The Problem

Outdated Technologies. Security Issues. Increase of Maintenance Costs.

Transformation projects after, for example, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), during the Digital Transformation process is one of the biggest challenges to businesses.

While functions like human resources and finance are often merged quickly in post-merger unification, digital platforms rarely are. The platform consolidation process is incredibly complex to prepare and execute, and it invites real risks to the business when problems appear. It requires merging dozens of technical instances and implementing architectural changes and data-related operations.

An Integrated and Unified Digital Platform allows the removal of complexity from the business process, helps create agility, and frees up precious resources to focus more on creating the customer experiences that drive the bottom line.


in maintaining legacy systems


  • Confusion due to different UI/UX and architecture resulted in different user experiences;
  • High operational and maintenance costs due to multi-system Infrastructure, development and support;


  • Insufficient quality legacy software with a “long history”;
  • Insufficient or lack of integration between services;
  • Manual work that causes delays and operational ineffectiveness;
  • Significant spending on support;


  • Time-consuming data processing due to different formats, Multiple DBs etc.;
  • Lack of strategic and consolidated knowledge, financial control, etc.;
  • Financial and reputational losses because of data corruption and potential security issues;

Our Approach

To Integration

Align technology visions with enterprise’s business strategy.

Broad usage of cutting edge technologies and tools like Microservices Architecture, Domain-Driven Design and Cloud Computing technologies.

Create a set of custom Data migrations and reconciliation tools to move data of any complexity level with the guarantee of integrity.

Prepare and execute a detailed plan of smooth switches and migrations to exclude any unexpected problems.


  • Cost efficient

    Cost efficiency

    Standardized business execution and increased efficiency. Operational and capital expenses reduction as well as infrastructure and maintenance cost optimization

  • Data Integration

    Integrated data

    The new level of management and financial control with consolidated data (including but not limited to real-time and streaming data)

  • BI Reporting

    Flexible BI Reporting

    Analyze information easily, evaluate market opportunities and risks, make fail-safe decisions that drive business value


Big Data Enterprise Platform (80+ million clients)
Global provider of prepaid and payment products. The company employs about 2000 people and has hundreds of clients and partners (B2C, B2B) including Kroger, Simon, Disney, Staples, ITunes, BestBuy, Target, eBay and many others

A high-scaled, enterprise-grade Consolidated Enterprise Platform using Microservices Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, and Cloud Computing technologies

A set of Data migrations and reconciliation tools to move data of any complexity level with the guarantee of integrity

Real-time solution for multi-source data collection into a Data Lake, process to Data Marts and Visualize in BI systems

 About 100 integrated services were developed and "up and running" to date

An advanced reporting BI system (40+ MM records a day, 100+ supported report types)