Articles by Olena Kovalenko

Data Science Project Manager at SPD-Group, AI/ML Team Leader
Learn all the details on Demand Forecasting in Retail

The Complete Guide on Customer Demand Forecasting in Retail

Discover 6 vital tips on how Consumer Demand Forecasting can secure your business strategy along with the 5 determinants of...

Learn how Machine Learning can transform Healthcare industry

12 Real-World Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are changing all major industries right now. Healthcare is not an exception. In this...

Learn how Machine Learning transforms Finance Industry

Machine Learning in Finance: Benefits, Use Cases and Opportunities

Today we will find out how exactly Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making an impact on the Finance industry....

Learn how Big Data technology can help businesses

How AI-Powered Big Data is Transforming Businesses

You will learn how to achieve tangible business results by combining Artificial Intelligence with Big Data. We will explain it...

Credit Card Fraud Detection Top ML Solutions

Credit Card Fraud Detection: Top ML Solutions in 2023

Complete guide on how to implement Credit Card Fraud Detection and Prevention solutions using advanced Machine Learning techniques.

Machine Learning in Banking

Machine Learning in Banking – Opportunities, Risks, Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing a lot of industries, and banking is at the forefront of innovation. Learn...

Find out how you can improve Anomaly Detection for your organization

Anomaly Detection Powered By Machine Learning Algorithms

In this article, I want to talk about how Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning can prevent and solve cybersecurity issues.