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Articles by Oleksandr Boyko

Delivery Manager at SPD Group with 10+ years of experience in managing software development projects
Find out what you need to do to write SRS requirements that will help you achieve desirable project outcomes

How to Write Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Doc

How to write software requirements so that you will get the software product you need? Check out how one should...

Learn about the most relevant outsourcing tips in 2023

6 Tips to Help CTOs in Outsourcing Product Development

Learn about how you as the CEO or CTO of a company that is outsourcing a software project can help...

Developing a High-Scale, White-Label eCommerce Platform for a Silicon Valley Technology Startup

Case Study: White-Label eCommerce Platform Development

Discover how we’ve managed to develop a white-label eCommerce platform for a Silicon Valley startup that allows merchants to create...

Learn how SPD Group helped BHN

Case Study: Integrating Multiple Software Assets for Payment Tech Provider

Learn about how we’ve integrated 8 different eCommerce software systems for a global leader in branded payment technology, and created...

Learn how to manage a software development team

How to Manage a Software Development Team [10 Strategies]

In this article, we will share our experience with Dedicated Development Team Management and offer you specific guides for managing...

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace in 2021

How to Build a Marketplace Website in 2023

In this article, we would love to share some information on how to build a marketplace platform — from discussing...

An AI Drone Inspection Platform

Case Study: AI Drone Inspection Platform Development

Take a couple of minutes to learn how we’ve designed and developed a powerful AI drone inspection platform for a...

Learn how to open an offshore development center in a foreign country

Offshore Software Development Center: Models & How to Set-up

Learn how to open a dedicated offshore development center and find out details on costs, benefits, and risks for your...

Learn how SPD Group helped Poynt

Case Study: Omnicommerce Merchant Solution Development

Learn how we’ve built a disruptive omni-commerce solution for a Palo Alto startup that has automated the business processes of...